Before we start, I want you to get out a google doc or if you wanna roll old school, grab out a piece of paper and a pen. Next, list every person you love and care about. 


Now, looking over the list, where were you on it? Were you number one, the fifth, tenth? Were you even on it?


When I was first asked to do this exercise, I was not even close to being on that list. I thought so poorly of myself that I thought I didn’t deserve to be. 

The goal of the end of this is to be putting yourself at the top of the list. Heck, or even just on that list.


When we live from a place of comfortability & safety rather than authenticity & vulnerability, we become at risk. Risk of experiencing grief, sadness, depression, resentment, anger, etc. 


There are no prerequisites like:


“If I make $100,000, then I will be worthy”

“If I find a partner, then I will be worthy”

“If I become a lawyer or doctor, then I will be worthy”


If it was, we would probably have a lot more happy and confident people out there. 

Over the years I have created and harnessed practices that have taken my -20093040 self-worth to one that is confident AF. 

Get ready to get uncomfortable. I wish I could tell you that there are 4 simple steps to owning who you are and standing in your worth, but it is a daily practice. Being uncomfortable and sitting in vulnerability is how you get there.



When we gravitate towards one, we become imbalanced. When we sit in the middle and honor each ebb and flows we are honoring ourselves. We are opening the room for connection. We are opening up new possibilities. We are waking up to our own authentic nature. Whatever it is we want to experience, we must believe we are worthy of it. 


Remember when you weren’t afraid of what your parents thought, what your peers did, why the random person standing in the grocery line gave you that look?


I am going to guide you through opening a portal. Once you step into this magnetic energy there is no way that you will leave differently. You will be meeting aspects or yourself that you rejected. Rekindling the parts of yourself that were afraid to be seen because they believed they weren’t wanted.


This course has 8 modules that will take you through working with your shadow, inner child, and reconnecting to your body. I created a TOOLS section that have some breathing exercises as well as other grounding techniques to help you get centered. 


You can take this day by day, one module for the week, or however you see fit. 

Get Around

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I am 22, Milwaukee-born, Vegan Recipe Developer & Spiritual Mentor with a purpose to help people live their most abundant, holistic, & balanced lives through spiritual healing techniques and delicious plant-based foods. 

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