This can mean clearing out your closet to getting rid of people you no longer care about or resonate with on social media. When you keep these people or things in your life that no longer align with you are or that you have outgrown, then you are just holding space. 


Removing them allows for new things to come through. Whether that be items, people, or some new inspo that ignites your inner fire.


If you are feeling called:

1. Take a break from social media

2. Remove or un-add people you don’t resonate with anymore on social media and/or in your real life.

3. Clear out that old desk door that hasn’t been touched since you moved in.

4. Donate clothes you haven’t touched in 8+ months.



This is removing the beliefs and emotions that can be stored in the body. 


For me, this means moving. Releasing any stagnant energy that is locked in your body. 




Many people will hold this in their neck, shoulders, lower back, and hips. I believe this is due to not properly processing emotions and burying them deep within the physical. 


Our emotions are like water. When they move in a natural rhythm, sometimes they move forcefully crashing on the surface. Others, they are still. However, when we don’t flow with these feelings, we begin to hold onto water as if we were setting up a dam. 


The water stores having no place to go until it breaks, spilling all over the place and seeping into rocks and between branches. The purpose of that story was to explain when we hold onto these emotions, they build. These emotional blockages manifest into the physical. Then, when it becomes too much to handle, we lash out, become sick, do something radical and illogical. 


You can release these through any physical movements such as:

  • Breathwork

  • Body-Based Practices: dancing, taking a walk without your phone, yoga, or running.

  • Muscle Relaxation or Meditation

Set an intention before your practice or before you go for your stroll to release any blocks or triggers that you took inventory of. 


EX: “I intend to release the belief that in order to be loved, I have to play small and hide,”


Take notice of how your body feels before you practice and after. If there is a change. Do you feel lighter, more centered, calm?


Releasing these allows for new space to be allowed in. It is clearing energy so that you are able to step into your authentic yourself.

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I am 22, Milwaukee-born, Vegan Recipe Developer & Spiritual Mentor with a purpose to help people live their most abundant, holistic, & balanced lives through spiritual healing techniques and delicious plant-based foods. 


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