You can be doing the work, but if you are not taking active steps to achieve your goals or embody the person you innately are, you will see results more slowly.


Some examples of this can include to start wearing clothing that embodies who you are and who you want to be, creating goals for a project or idea you have, reaching out to a friend with an issue, getting a pamphlet for a program you are interested in, going to the library to begin learning about a topic you have been interested but have been putting off. 


Simple ACTIONABLE steps like these are saying to yourself that you are willing to show up for YOU. That you are willing to step into your authenticity and honor what you want most.


Some other important actions include:


RECOGNIZING SPEECH AND THOUGHT PATTERNS: One thing I notice so many people do, especially when they make a mistake is go, “I’m stupid.” It’s a quick response. One so fast that it is practically innate, showing that on some level you still believe that whether it be consciously or subconsciously. 


If you begin to notice similar patterns in your thoughts or even in what you say. Reflect back onto why that is. Take it through module 3 and module 4.


SETTING BOUNDARIES: This can be from saying to your friend who only complains about their boyfriend. “Hey, I love you but I truly can’t hear about this anymore. I want to be in your life, but I want it to be more than just talking about him. What’s going on with you?”


This can also be cutting people out of your life. Setting time limits on things. Only give as much as you can WITHOUT depleting your energy. 


Setting these boundaries is giving yourself more energy and time spent serving others, to serving yourself. 


SAYING NO: One of the most important things you can do is saying no to things that are not lighting you up. To people or opportunities that do not align with who you are and your core values. 


When you say NO, to these things that aren’t in alignment with you, you are saying, “I AM NOT SETTLING NO MORE” 


An example of this can be saying no to a job offer that’s offering a lower salary than you wanted. Low self-worth would accept that because there is fear that a better opportunity won’t present itself. 


This can apply to dating, career, work, other relationships, you name it.


OWNING YOUR STORY: What you don’t own, owns you. The less you talk about it means the more control it has over your life. 


A great example of this is Miley Cyrus. After her break up with Liam, she didn’t hide or cower. Nope, she owned her past what she has done. She doesn’t let that run her life, why? She’s changed. She knows who she is and she is done feeling shame about it and apologizing for it. 


Another way to do this is through owning those shadowy elements with people you are most scared of telling. That could be with your followers on social media, a close friend or family member, or even yourself. Like with Miley, you are fulling stepping into power. You are putting yourself out there and saying if you don’t accept me for this, so what? I do. #sorrynotsorry

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