This work can feel overwhelming. It can feel like you just stepped in a pile of dog poo, only to clean it off and go, “Wow, I feel better” 


If you feel off during any of this process, here are some grounding techniques you can use. 


1. Go into nature, even if it is just a local park. Go barefoot if you can.

2. Chakra Balancing Meditation

3. Take an Epsom Salt Bath

4. Breathwork

5. Observe everything around you. Describe it in detail.


And… I want to congratulate you for completing this course! The fact that you even did this showed me and most importantly yourself that you are ready to say “BYEEEEE” to all those limiting beliefs that felt like they held you down. 


You well on your way to being that authentic person you came to be!

Remember that authenticity is a practice. You have the choice to show up as real, honest, confident, seen, and completely embracing who you are, and now you have the toolset to help you stay in that place. 

If you need more support, reach out to a therapist or a close friend or family member!

You can also join the Reconnection Facebook Group to connect with others going on the same journey!

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I am 22, Milwaukee-born, Vegan Recipe Developer & Spiritual Mentor with a purpose to help people live their most abundant, holistic, & balanced lives through spiritual healing techniques and delicious plant-based foods. 

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