On this podcast, I provide you with channeled teachings, tools, and support so you can embody your highest self, breakthrough your blocks, and tune in to your heart.

What's the podcast about?

 The podcast all about spirituality, personal growth, and listening to your intuition. I'm your host, Elizabeth and I am here to guide you to reconnect, and realign so you can become your most authentic, worthy self.


In the podcast, I share how you can tune into your unique gifts, find your purpose, live authentically so you can grow and glow. From understanding your mission on this planet to sharing it with the world, this podcast is the spiritual friend you wish you had, who lifts you up and gets you on all levels. 

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About the Host

Over 3 years ago, I was pushed to face everything that was no longer aligning with me, and what was hindering me from being my authentic self. Since that time, I have grown into my intuitive gifts as an Akashic Records Reader, I healed myself, and now I am here to help wake up & empower others.


I know that down to the very last cell in my body that I have to share my passion for helping others step into their own power, and share their authentic nature with the world. All through honoring their body, opening their hearts and connecting to their divine nature.

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