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3 Reasons You're Not Getting Results (and what to do instead)

When the thought of where you are at pops into your head, how do you feel? Do you feel anxious, worried, stuck in the mud with nowhere to run to? Annoyed because other peeps seem to have everything figured out and you are still in the same place you were one year ago?

Wherever you fall on the spectrum, this post is going to help illuminate why you are not currently getting results and some simple things you can do about it.


This post has nothing to do with strategies, jobs, matchmaking skills to nail down a lover in 7 days. Nope, but rather it has to do with your mindset.

Now, now don't roll your eyes at me.

Your mindset aka how you view & interact with your life, your beliefs what you believe is possible if you are worthy & deserving of something, these things are constantly circulating around you influencing not only your reactions to circumstances but your actions.

These fellers are running the show even if you are totally unaware of it (which you probably are).

So if you believe things like:

  • I have to work super hard & hustle to be successful

  • Spending money on travel & expensive items is stupid

  • Money is hard to earn

  • I'm not meant to be in relationships

  • I am not pretty aka not valid to be seen

  • Relationships are too stressful

  • I'm not good with money

  • Relationships are boring and tedious

Should I continue? I have about 100 more I could add to this list right here.

Do you see what I mean? There are tons of hidden beliefs that actually cause us to unconsciously avoid money-making opportunities, relationships, being seen, etc...

When we want to create something in our lives, then we’re putting out an energy that says, “I want to do this! I'M excited wooot woot” That’s the side of you that desires to live more abundantly and knows that wealth is a good thing.

Until, the fear kicks in and you start doubting yourself and that little nod of energy builds up in your chest saying things like, "You don't deserve that! Are you kidding, YOU and HIM?! LOL That is super scary you definitely are not worthy of having that!"

Cue the dramatic cinema music because we just hit a fork in the road. Your conscious mind and your subconscious are ready to dual it out and unless you do something about it, the subconscious ends up winning... every. damn. time.

So, if you are reading this and are thinking YO I WANT TO CHANGE MY LIFE. Here are some tips that you can use to adopt some new beliefs that are working for you and not against you so you can be attracting ALL the abundance that you totes deserve.

And listen — I’m speaking from experience here. I’ve been through and thought about all of these same things myself. I get it! But these days, talking about abundance is something everyone is doing and you deserve the best info out there so you can fill your cup up to the brim (and overflowing ooo) with abundance.

1. Subconscious where are youuuu?

Knock Knock, subconscious we have some discussing to do. If you don't know the subconscious is like a data-driven cesspool of everything you've done in this life and if you wanna hop aboard the woo woo train with me in past lives as well as your ancestral traumas.

It stores this information on how you view things in your world based on what you were shown as a child, what you were shamed for, the whole lot.

So asking the questions of what are my limiting beliefs? Even narrowing it down to certain categories like money/career, love, community, etc... and writing out all of your limiting beliefs/memories/experiences around it.

2. Shifting the Frequency & Deep Healing

Now, I am not gonna spill some law of attraction stuff for you to magically visualize everything you desire.

Remember all those limiting beliefs we have uncovered? We have to look at those and integrate them into our life and shift them so that we are able to BELIEVE that we are worthy of having abundance.

You can do this with a few different things & a combination

  • Affirmations

  • Reframing a memory/situation

  • Hypnosis

  • Energetic Shifting in the Body

  • Meditation

Check out this free guide I have created to help you dive right in and say PEACE OUT to those triggers for good!


We all know I love a good action step. Was I meant to be an action movie star? Probably not lol, but what I do know is that action and taking actionable steps is INTEGRAL in changing your beliefs and owning up to who you are and what you want.

So, say you hold limiting beliefs around love. Ask yourself what steps can you take to shif that?

Here are some examples:

1. Go on a dating app

2. Block/Unfollow/Set Boundaries with Ex's

See, I don’t think that the way we feel about money, relationships, community, & ourselves is actually…the way we feel about these things.

I believe our limiting beliefs say a lot about how we view ourselves. And when we live with a scarcity mindset (“there’s never enough!”) instead of an abundance mindset (“there’s always more!”) it’s often a sign of our own feelings of low self-worth — of never being “enough.”

I can’t WAIT to hear your thoughts, because this topic has *truly* changed my life.

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