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3 Ways to Conquer Creative Blocks

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

The other day the computer screen and I had a staredown. We looked at each other for what seemed like an eternity. My mind was a blank canvas with zero ideas coming through on what I should be creating.

I don't know about you, but when I get into these types of ruts, it's mainly me just staring at my blank google doc thinking, "What's next?" .... and then that continues for 2 more hours, all while I am scrolling through my Instagram feed, watching TV, & you name it to 'get that inspo'.

Just leaving me with less inspiration & clarity than before. Which SUCKS because that means I am in the same position I was in 2 hours ago. #nothanks

If you’re finding yourself feeling a bit disconnected and stuck, I’ve got 3 ways to bust out of it and conquer those creative blocks. So without further ado, let’s mix things up!

1. Change It Up

When you're in a rut creatively, going outside or frankly going somewhere NEW can boost creativity.


You are experiencing new things instead of the same old location you are used to. Sometimes a change of scenery can be like hitting the reset button in your brain! Try switching up your routine once in a while. If you are sitting inside all day, go outside. Better yet, leave your house completely! Find a cozy coffee shop, a local library, or go into nature or a park, etc.

You may just find yourself full of new energy, ideas, and focus!

2. Turn Off Your Phone

Remember that mindless scrolling you were doing as a 5-minute break? Well, it has now turned into 30 minutes.

Yeah, you're not helping yourself here.

What you are doing is just seeing what other people are doing rather than listening to your intuition.

Do you really need to see what trends are happening or going through some bizarre memes? Answer is: probably not. When you do this, you are just receiving other people's information, and I didn't want to say it BUT *comparisonitis* might kick in too.

So turn off that phone, delete your social media apps, or even switching it to airplane mode and putting it into another room can remove that temptation to want to grab it and see what everyone else is up to.

If you really want to tap back into your creative self, go on a social media detox. Heck, you might find yourself feeling 100x more inspired than before.

3. Get Moving & Grooving

Usually, when I am blocked, my mind is also clogged with thoughts. So going outside and doing some sort of activity like yoga or swimming can help clear your mind because you are FORCED to be in the present.

So give yourself a break and try out that boxing class or yoga video that you've been wanting to, but have been putting off.

You got to nourish to flourish. I feel like that belongs on a shirt or in some hippie restaurant, but it's TRUE.

Nourishing yourself & your creativity through self-care, switching it up, and going offline are ways that your creative fire will be reignited and be better than ever.

Now, let’s chat in the comments: What are some of your go-to strategies for breaking out of a creative rut? 🙂

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