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3 Ways Your Blocking Your Intuition

Do you ever get that gut feeling about something and it turns out you were right?

That was your intuition talking to you.

That feeling, sometimes even a voice of reason that is urging you or giving you the slight nudge in a direction.

However, for many of us, it can be easy to tune it out. To ignore it because it seems illogical, or not correct.

Let me give you an example...

Let’s say Gigi really wanted to connect with her intuition and saw other people online doing it. So she starts to do a few meditations, begins reading spiritual books, asking for signs. But a few months pass and it feels like she still isn't as connected or as tuned-in as her favorite podcasters and spiritual teachers.

In fact, she rationalizes that she isn't intuitive by saying that she “I'm just not as connected to the universe,” or “It's just not for me” (Does this sound like you or your past self at all?) And so the cycle continues. Do you see how this creates a lifetime of not stepping in your power? Of not living our highest purpose or creating our biggest impact on this planet?

Why you may ask?

Your intuition is your highest self leading you to the path that you most desire.

Not only that but when you begin developing your intuition it takes time. It is a process that includes working on your mindset, beliefs, and connection to yourself.

See, I’d wager that the reason Gigi believed she wasn't intuitive wasn’t because she wasn't "gifted" or spiritual enough (yikes). Instead, maybe deep down… She was scared of what was on the other side.

She had so many expectations of what may or may not happen that she put it off.

She rather put her trust in other people who are obviously more connected because she convinced herself that she wasn't capable of doing the same exact thing.

…and so on!

The reason we don’t use our own power of intuition almost always has WAY more to do with our beliefs about ourselves than it does about our capability to actually connect with the universe. Read that again. It should be massively freeing! Because here’s the deal: it means that you are inherently capable and worthy of accomplishing + connecting to whatever the hell you want. BUT it also means that you are the first and last person to get in your own way when you try to make things happen. So, here’s what I recommend:

1. Tune-In to Your Body

I always always always tell people the first thing you need to do to connect to yourself is through your body. Your body is constantly sending you signals throughout the day on how it feels.

Consider asking yourself, "How does this feel?" Before making a decisions even if it is as simple as what to eat for breakfast.

If it feels contractive, meaning your body tenses up it feels like a no. Then you guessed it, it is a NO.

If it feels expansive, liberating, and joyful. Then it is a YES.

Simple enough right?

2. What beliefs do you currently have from connecting to your intuition?

For example, let’s say you wanted to learn how to read Tarot, yet you grew up with parents who were very religious and told you things like “Tarot is evil,” so you’ve adopted a similar subconscious belief (yes, even if “logically” you don’t think Tarot was born from the devil — the belief is still ingrained in you unless you’ve taken conscious action to reprogram it). That belief means that you might miss out on doing things or opportunities that light you up because becoming spiritual is a negative thing in your family. Do you see what I mean? Until you’re AWARE of the limiting beliefs you hold (often things you learned growing up), they’ll continue to run your life behind the scenes. Don’t know what beliefs are preventing you from reaching your vision? Pay very close attention to negative feelings that come up that might feel like a “trigger.” Typically these are mirrors that allow us to see places we need to heal.

3. Seek constant approval and validation from other people

A huge reason that can be blocking your intuition is the constant seeking out what you should do from other people.

Example: You just got offered a job that sounds amazing. In your heart, it feels right, a complete hell yes, but when you ask other people about it or share it with them, they may say some things that might contradict your initial feeling.

Possibly maybe having you reconsider the job offer altogether.

We are programmed from a young age to seek information from people outside ourselves in order to make a decision because we are told they know better.

But who knows better than you, yourself?


Sure they might be able to teach you new things and learn, but when it comes to making decisions you have to listen to what feels right to you on a core level.

And this my friend, is so important. It is taking back your power and saying that you trust yourself.

Remember, connecting to your intuition is a process. However, getting real about who you ARE and what's standing in your way will make all the difference. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, so please leave a comment below on what this looks like for you. And if part of you wants to get crystal clear on what is blocking you from stepping into your higher self, I wanted to let you know that I have spots available for 1:1 Akashic Records Readings. With my intuitive gifts, I will read your energy, ask questions on your behalf to see what is blocking you, how you can move past it, and give you the insight and tools you need to integrate the lessons and THRIVE. Each session is unique to the individual and based on what they need and where they are at. If you want to book a reading, just click here!

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