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5 Things You Need for Success

These 5 things you need for success, whether that be in career, goals, relationships, & more!

The topic of success is everywhere, from youtube videos, books, podcasts, there are thousands of people inputting what it means to be successful.

Creating definitions from their own perspectives hoping others will follow suit onto this bandwagon of success.

Many times it is telling others to hustle and work hard, so you can finally reach ‘success’, or at least what it means in their eyes.

Yet, what does that mean?

For many of us, we are taught that being successful is to have a lot of money, a great job that makes a lot of money, friends, family, and a house.

But what if we weren’t taught to think of success in that manner. To see it not as a one size fits all, but rather up to individual preference.

I went to college, majored in a degree that would supposedly earn me a lot of money, had okay friendships, and life was just ‘fine’.

My life was on track to the standard ‘American Dream’ until it no longer wasn’t. I hit a rock bottom that ended up changing the way I view my life.

My values shifted and I had to consider what is it I really wanted. It boiled down to 4 things:

  1. Freedom

  2. Community

  3. Spirituality

  4. Creativity

Freedom, to me, means to be able to work from anywhere, set my own schedule, have no financial burdens, and to live from a place of ease.

Community, to me, means being able to engage in rich conversations, to build and organize a group of likeminded individuals who would be able to support & help each other. To have close relationships whether that be through friends or family.

Spirituality. Engaging in spiritual concepts, living life through intention purpose, healing old wounds, and connecting to my higher self.

Lastly, creativity. The ability to express myself through any modality I like. This includes writing, art, food, clothes, and photography.

When we take a step back and ask ourselves is this what we really want, there can be fear. Everything you were told you were supposed to want falls to the side and you are met with a blank slate. One where you can choose what you would like to color in.

These next 5 things you need for success listed below will help you uncover what success means to you in all areas of your life.

1. Define what success means to you.

What does this word mean to you? Does it mean to live debt-free? Have close intimate relationships? Travel? Luxury? Set a timer for 10 minutes and journal free-format about what success means to you or what you would like it to mean to you. It can be anything. Don’t feel like you have to censor yourself. Get to the root of what you want. Maybe even focus on a specific area of your life like relationships or career.

2. Look at blocks.

After figuring out what success means to you, notice if there are any blocks that come up. Anything that makes you feel or believe that you can’t have it. Maybe you feel you are not attractive enough, smart, loveable, etc. Ask yourself why.

3. Small Actionable Steps

This one is very important. You may be removing blocks and limiting beliefs, but if you are not taking action nothing will come through. Here is an example, I knew someone who would constantly say they wanted to be a graphic designer. Each time they would say this, I would ask, “Okay what are you doing to make this happen?” The answer was either, “Well, you see…” or “Nothing,”. These answers were built on fears of failure, so they believed it was best to do nothing at all.

Small actionable steps to reach your goal can vary from finally creating that blog, to making a logo, to asking for help, or to learning and research. When you take one step towards your goal, what you are saying is, is that you believe in yourself and that you are willing to take the steps to make what you want to happen.

4. Find Others to Inspire You.

They say that those who are the closest around you are your greatest reflections and mirrors. If the people that surround you aren’t inspiring you, it is time to find others that do. Whether that be in real life or on social media. Find people that you see yourself in, that have reached goals similar to you. By doing this you are seeing what is possible. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask someone to mentor you.

5. Give it Time.

WANNA KNOW A SECRET? You have to be patient. Patient with yourself, others, and your goals.⠀

My inner me rolled my eyes at that because I am the least patient person I know. ⠀

Often when we want something so bad, we tend to:⠀

  • Overthink ⠀

  • Fantasize ⠀

  • Have BIG expectations⠀

  • Doubt it will happen

It can be easy to go into daydream mode, hoping that everything will magically fall into your lap, but that usually isn’t the case. Sometimes things aren’t meant to come all at once, it doesn’t mean they aren’t for you, you just may not be ready. ⠀

I’m kind of over hearing “If it doesn’t come right away it wasn’t meant for you” If you ask me it is BS.⠀

There may be lessons & tools that you have to gain along the way before you reach your goal.⠀

Sometimes we just got to push ourselves out of the way and let it unfold naturally around us.

These 5 Things You Need For Success are meant to help you reach your goals through a new insight rather than your typical hustle & work hard mentality. Instead, when we define what success means in our own terms, remove blocks, take steps, find inspiration, and patience, that is when the magic happens. PLUS, don’t forget to celebrate all of the smaller goals you complete. They are just as important!

Now, LET'S CHAT! How do you define success? What steps are you taking to reach your goals? Let me know in the comments below!



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