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Chocolate Dipped S'mores Ice Cream Sandwich

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Who doesn't love the campfire classic, S'MORES?! These Chocolate Dipped S'mores Ice Cream Sandwiches are crisp graham crackers layered with a rich & creamy s'mores ice cream, fluffy marshmallows, and dipped in dark chocolate. Is it the perfect summertime treat? The only plausible answer is: yes.

This easy to make summer dessert is PACKED with all the stuff that makes s’mores so glorious. No campfires required, so you can indulge in this whenever!

I don’t know about you, but as a kid during summer when we weren’t camping or having a bonfire at night, we would do a ‘quick’ version of s’mores by roasting marshmallows on forks over the stove, place it on graham crackers and layer it with chocolate bars we stored in the freezer, and call it a day. The simplicity of the recipe is what makes it perfect for those warm summer nights when you are with your loved ones. Luckily, I am bringing those sweet memories indoors (and upgraded if you ask me) with this tasty recipe.

All you need to make these Chocolate Dipped S'mores Ice Cream Sandwiches are:

  1. Hudsonville Dairy Free S'mores Ice Cream

  2. Graham Crackers

  3. Chocolate

  4. & Marshmallows if you are feeling extra sweet!

S’mores Ice Cream Bars are the perfect easy frozen treat for summer that's packed with the classic flavors you love about s’mores.

Why I LOVE Hudsonvilles S'mores Dairy Free Ice Cream:

  • Rich Flavor

  • Extremely Creamy & Smooth

  • Classic Campfire S'mores Taste

It truly is one of the best non-dairy ice cream that I have tried and so I am so glad to be partnering with them for these Chocolate Dipped S'mores Ice Cream Sandwiches! They are local Midwest creamery located in Michigan! If you live in the Midwest, you can find them exclusively at Meijer stores (click here to find a location closest to you)! If you are curious to learn more about their brand or their Dairy Free Ice Cream flavors, you can find out more about them HERE.

Some Final Thoughts & Tips:

  • Flavor Variations: If you want to add a fun twist, feel free to add a layer of peanut butter, another layer of chocolate, or just the ice cream. Don't feel afraid to get creative here!

  • On Freezing: Store your the ice cream on a flat, even surface in your freezer so they don’t get lopsided and strange looking. You can get away with enjoying these tasty treats in as little as 3 hours, but if you can leave them in the freezer longer or overnight too!

Like this recipe? Make sure to check out The Sweet Spot, to get more recipe inspo (including birthday party ideas, game nights, & MORE!) I mean why not sprinkle a little more joy into your life? Just saying…

If you try out this recipe make sure to let me know! Leave a comment, rate it, and don’t forget to tag a photo #underthewillow on Instagram or Facebook. I love seeing your creations!

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This post was sponsored by Hudsonville Ice Cream.

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