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Easy Vegan Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Get back to basics with these perfect cut out sugar cookies. Dense, and chewy, with a crispy edge and a gooey center, you won’t be disappointed with this cut out sugar cookie recipe!

Romance is right around the corner, and what I mean by that is chocolate. Apparently love and chocolate are related subjects and honestly, I am not mad about it.

So that is why I decided to create these simple, soft, and perfectly sweet Chocolate Sugar Cookies. This easy cut-out sugar cookie recipe is easy to make and bake to perfection in just 10 minutes. Then you can frost them to your delight with whatever colorful creations are going on in your head.

What you should know about this Vegan Chocolate Sugar Cookie recipe:

  • It is 100% Vegan (aka there is zero dairy, egg, or any animal product in here)

  • Easy & quick. Time is so essential, so I wanted to make this easy vegan dessert as quick as possible. Seriously, you can make this in less than 30 minutes.

  • Perfectly Sweet. If you are like me and enjoy a bit not overly sweet sugar cookies, these guys are for youuuuu.

Ready to learn how to make the best cut out sugar cookies?

Well, first let’s break it down with a few tips and tricks before we get started:

  1. Use an Egg Substitute: If there is one thing that I love about this recipe, it is the fact that I can use aquafaba in place of eggs, but if you do not have any on hand chia or flax eggs would work too. Remember 1 tablespoon of flax/chia and 2 tablespoons of water equals one 'egg'.

  2. Use a combination of vanilla and almond extract: My mom has been using this trick from the time I was a little kid and I wanted to share it with you! The almond extract helps deepen the flavor of the vanilla, but if you don't have it you can just omit it!

  3. Refrigerate your dough before rolling out: I’m impatient too, so I get it, but that time in the fridge that your sugar cookie dough rests will help the cookies to keep their shape and also allow all the flavors to settle in. We recommend refrigerating for at least an hour, but you could always make the dough the day before or freeze it far in advance!

  4. How to know when your sugar cookies are done? Your sugar cookies are done when they are just starting to go golden brown on the edges, but still slightly gooey in the middles. If you overbake it you may have an insanely crunchy and dry cookie on your hand. #nothanks

Alrighty, enough of me blabbering on, let’s get to these amazing vegan chocolate sugar cookies.

Some Final Thoughts:

  • Thick or thin? Roll the dough out for whatever thickness you like. Listen, I prefer a thick cookie, but if you like a thin crunchy one, go for it!

  • On Storing: Store your leftover cookies in an airtight container for up to one week.

  • Coconut Oil instead of Canola Oil? You can certainly try, I haven't personally used it with this recipe, however, you can follow along with these classic vegan sugar cookies recipe and just add in 1/3 C of cocoa powder!

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If you try out this recipe make sure to let me know! Leave a comment, rate it, and don’t forget to tag a photo #underthewillow on Instagram or Facebook.

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