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Feeding the Fear, the Need to Control, Cleansing Stuck Energy, and Allowance

Ever wonder what the hell stuck energy looks like in your body?

In readings, it shows up as an inky black smoke that covers a part of a person’s body that is still holding onto something.

It can be anything from trauma, fear, to not speaking up.

During a recent reading, I was shown this smoke in the person’s throat aka the center for communication & self-expression.

The Records said, “When you focus on negative things all the time it is like constantly breathing in smog”

We can begin to clear this out when we take actionable steps in our life. Many times, it begins with WHY, WHY we feel like we must hide, WHY are fears are popping up, WHY we are stilling settling and playing small.

This allows us to see why this energy is being bottled up rather than moving fluidly.

On the newest episode of Reconnection, I talk about just that! I share how stuck energy sits in the body and how it shows up as well as guidance on how you can shift it out of your body. I also talk about feeding fear, balancing shadow work & more new age manifestation, oneness, and my relationship to numbing.

Check it out below:

I also talk about:

  • Mercury Retrograde Hysteria

  • Feeling into the body and responding to life

  • Stuck Energy in the body → Disconnection

  • Feeding fear

  • The need to Control

  • Feeling of Source + Oneness

  • Clearing energy & allowing the process

  • Balancing of high vibe & shadow work

  • Being… patient

  • Theme of Allowance

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