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Powerful Third Eye Meditation from the Akashic Records

Have you ever thought about how humans are like onions? Okay, so not like physically or smelling wise... even though when I first wore natural deodorant in 2017 it was quite the other story... RIP to all those around me during that time haha BUT,  more or less, we have layers. Some are very thick, strong and have a lot of volume. Others are flaky, thin and break at the touch. Like the onion, we contain different multitudes and there is always something new to discover about ourselves.  To discover the way we work. The way we operate. The way we interact with the world and with ourselves. 

Often, we block ourselves from experiencing life and live in a state of fear. That's where meditation comes in. It is just one tool out of many that can help you shift, move, release, and uncover layers that have been built up or have been left a little flimsy over the years. It is here to get us closer to our core essence so we can better embody it. 

When we begin to unravel those layers we can get closer to what it is that we desire. One way that I like to do this is through meditation.

For the past few months, I have been working with symbols to help clear our energy in the body during readings and in my own practice. About a month ago, I received a symbol & meditation that is meant to cleanse the third eye. Whether or not you are a meditation champ or a total newbie to energy centers and the like, this meditation can totally uplevel your life.

Don't believe me, here are some benefits of meditation:

  • Reduces Stress

  • Enhances Self-Awareness

  • Better Sleep

  • May Reduce Pain

Meditation is a powerful tool that I am so grateful to have found it and include it in my work. By adding in symbols we can help anchor ourselves into the moment and clear more energy that may have been stuck.

For this meditation, we are focusing specifically on the third eye, which is the center located between the eyebrows. Through utilizing a third eye meditation you can open your subtle senses to perceive higher-dimensional worlds and energies as well as connect deeper to your intuition.

The symbol pictured below is the one I have been raving about so far.

To complete this meditation, imagine this symbol over your third eye (between your brows). Place your palm facing your third eye center an inch or two away, imagining a white glittering light almost like a laser pointing into that center. While you are doing this, chant Hum. I recommend doing this for at least 5 minutes. If you try out this meditation let me know how it goes for you! Share your experience in the comments :)

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