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Vegan Stuffed Peppers

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

These Vegan Stuffed Peppers are FILLED with a savory rice & lentil blend. This Stuffed Pepper recipe is only 12 ingredients, easy to make, and is perfect for dinner!

As a kid, my mom would make stuffed peppers a lot. I remember loving the flavor and texture of them. As I've gotten older I have followed other recipes to a T, but none have that same reminiscent taste. In that longing, this delicious and simple recipe was created!

This Vegan Stuffed Peppers Recipe is:

  • Savory

  • Simple

  • Perfect for Leftovers

  • Timeless

There is really nothing better than having a home-cooked meal. That is a lie. Let's restart. There is really nothing better than a bomb home-cooked meal that also works great for leftover the next day.

Can You Freeze these Vegan Stuffed Peppers?

The simple answer is yes, yes you can! This recipe makes about 5 stuffed peppers, so if that is too much for you to eat at once or throughout the week you can store it in the freezer. I recommend placing them in an airtight container to fight against freezer burn.

You can keep them in the freezer for up to 6 months. When you are ready to eat them, you can place frozen peppers in the oven and reheat without thawing them first. Place them in an oven-safe dish. and bake them at 350 degrees Fahrenheit until they are warmed up.

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