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What is the Line + Coming Into a Neutral Space

About 6 months ago, I started reading the Akashic Records for people, and since then there have been a few themes that have popped up.

The first one, I want to go in-depth about is the energetic rod or line that passes through us.

Let me elaborate, this line or rod starts at the top of your head and goes to your feet. This symbolizes your connection to the Earth as well as to the universe.

The bottom of the rod is what I like to refer to as Earth Connection. It is a grounding force. It tethers you to the present. It is built around feeling safe and secure. It also is this deep inner knowing that you are connected to the world around you.

Balanced: Feels secure, in their power, present, connected to the Earth, honors their emotions, flows with life, centered.

Imbalanced: Anxious, unsure, second-guessing everything, compares, gives their power away, lacks trust.

The top part of the rod/line is your connection to Source, God, the Universe. It is where you receive downloads. It is also a place where you are able to open yourself up to new information, new insights, and open your third eye.

Balanced: Trusts themselves, follows their intuition, knows there is more out there, connects with the ethereal realm, can see what is possible.

Imbalanced: Not grounded, looks outside themselves for answers, has a limited view of what is possible, doesn't think there is more out there.

Through this line, a there are 2 common things I want to touch on

1. Stuck Energy

Stuck energy shows up as a black inky smoke that sits in certain areas of your body. This tells me that there are some limiting beliefs and energetic blockages that need to be looked at and released. Everyone is different, but I highly recommend tapping or getting this energy it out in a physical way.

2. Coming into Balance

The goal of this rod is to come into a place of neutrality. When we balance these energies we are living in what some may call alignment. When we enter into this space, our intuition is heightened, we receive more downloads, we feel at peace and secure with our place in the world.

I do want to note that when I say neutrality or living from a neutral space, that does not mean you have no opinion. It means coming into oneness within yourself, having an inner knowing. Honoring the tides of emotions, of humanity. Being open to new ideas and ways of life.

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