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Have you ever sat down in front of your computer to start working on a project... only to realize some sort of fog has come over you and you feel completely lost & unsure of what to do?


Have you ever felt so clueless on where you are going? Everyone else seems to have their path paved out and they are succeeding and you are just sitting on the sidelines wondering when you will get hit with the magic ray of light that will tell you your purpose. (Can you tell I have been there because I sure as hell have)

You weren’t feeling inspired and have no idea which avenue to go next.

So, you either forced yourself to create something just so you can say you were productive, or you just looked at a wall and went, "What am I going to do?"

Either way, you weren’t operating as your most authentic self. You know the powerful version of you that is confident and knows their worth.

One of the first things you know when you are in a rut or lacking clarity is when you are zapped out of creativity. You begin feeling stuck like nothing is working. Basically you feel like an uncooked spaghetti noodle being thrown to a wall and hoping, I'm talking really hoping, that something will stick and you will find your way out.

I have been in this place many many times feeling unsure of what I am doing, if I am going in the correct direction, is what I am even doing worth it?

It can feel like an endless cycle of what-ifs, whys, and confusions.

So, let’s chat about 3 ways you can take to gain more clarity in your life when you are feeling unmotivated and stuck.

1. Just Do Something.

Thinking about what is and what isn’t working is going to get you nowhere.

I felt like that was a bit harsh, but it needed to be said.

I have found that I gain a LOT more clarity when I am actually doing something. I get to figure out if it makes sense for me if it is lighting me up rather than on an endless cycle of “Should I? What if?” or you know the clutching onto a pillow tightly wondering where I went wrong.

Stop listening to what you SHOULD be doing, the fears, the limiting beliefs, and listen to your intuition or what interests you.

Action gets results and it is the quickest way to find out if that is going to work for you or if it is just a plain old no.

Savvy Solution: Take action on something that has piqued your interest. Who knows where it will take you? I guess you will just have to do it to find out.

2. Switch It Up.

Do something different, something that scares you.

Repeating the same things and doing the same things haven't gotten you anywhere have they? The answer is a big fat NOPE.

When you put yourself in a new situation or a new place you are hitting the big ole reset button in your brain.

You are being exposed to new people, sights, ideas. Want to take it up a notch?

Do something that is completely out of your comfort zone. Maybe that is not wearing makeup in public, going to a networking event, anything that is going to get you out of your comfort zone and doing something that is out of your normal routine.

Why? You may be asking. Well, you are going to introduce yourself to a whole new world of creativity, people, and ideas. You are also going to likely not be focusing on what it is that has been plaguing you every day.

Think of it this way: Ever had a breakthrough the moment you stopped incessantly worrying over it. I don't know about you but my mind just shot up all the way. I am practically out of my seat here.

Nuff said.

Savvy Solution: Do something different today that is out of your comfort zone. Switch up the scenery. Read a book instead of TV. Go out for dinner with friends instead of at home.

3. Information Overload

We live in an information overload on the regular that can cause a bit of a cloud over our brains. It’s easy to listen to all the podcasts and info out there telling you to do x,y, z but the truth is the only person that is going to know what is right for you… is you. Take what makes sense & implement that and throw out anything that doesn’t align.

Getting too much input from social media, friends, family, coworkers can offer you a lot of valuable information, but it comes with a cost. You can become so reliant on their input that you neglect your own inner knowing your own voice telling you where you want to go and what you desire, and what is right for you!

Savvy Solution: Take a social media break, cut down on listening to podcasts/TV/YouTube, meditate and learn to enjoy the silence.

Now tell me in the comments below…which of the 3 tips above resonated with you most? Let me know!

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