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Your Ancestral Trauma is Showing, Scarcity Mindset, + Waking up to your Power

We’ve all heard it said about 1,000xs that we are in uncertain + fearful times due to the Coronavirus and it is something that we are becoming oh so familiar with, but today I am shifting the conversation around this. I share about ancestral wounds being brought to the surface, shifting away from a scarcity mindset, and now being the time to step in our power. I even share channeled messages from the Pleiadians.

Listen to the episode below:

In this episode, you will hear about things like...

  • Feeling the Collective Energy & Physical Pain

  • Moment to Ground into the energy

  • Receiving messages in the dream + shift in the energy

  • Lift in the energy

  • Rising above the old paradigm

  • Confirming old fears

  • Channeling the Pleiadians

  • Living from the heart infused in all areas of your life

  • Judgment & anger

  • Walking the talk from I can’t to I can

  • Ancestral Trauma & the Coronavirus fears

  • Being asked to move away to shift from the scarcity mindset

  • Scarcity as the norm in language + community

  • Clip of Akashic Records Reading

  • Returning to the Earth

  • Chaos to create change

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