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Your Heart is a Portal

Your heart is a portal.

Yep, I'm going to leave it all mysterious like that just for a second.

But when we hear about opening portals, accessing higher realms, and enabling our intuition, our first thought is not the heart.

I'm guessing the first thing that you thought of was the third eye space or the crown chakra.

Which are totally valid and correct answers, yet what most people don't tell you is that it is not the full story.

Here's why:

Your crown and third eye chakras act as a gateway into accessing new streams of thought, seeing a new possibility, being able to see your past lives, your higher self, and so on.

YET, that's not where that energy or 'memory' is stored.

It's located in the heart space.

Your heart holds onto the information of who you are. Check out this list of what it contains:

  • Highest Vibrational Self

  • Lowest Vibrational Self

  • Acts as the gateway between 3D and 5D consciousness

  • All things past lives

  • All things multi-dimensional

  • Intuition

When we try to access these new realms of thought or light, it can be a little challenging, if you are not connected or open in your heart.

If you are not connected or open in your heart space, it can show up in a few ways:

  1. Not trusting any messages you receive.

  2. Constantly looking outside of yourself for validation.

  3. You don't embrace your true self or your natural gifts.

  4. You feel deep insecurity around receiving

Sound familiar?

Here's the truth:

You can continue looking for other people to tell you what to do or you can begin the process of trusting in yourself. If you try to have both at the same time, you’re gonna end up feeling frustrated, angry, or bitter and you likely won’t accomplish either one.

In fact, by looking for other people or consistently comparing yourself is not only hurting your connection to self but the potential you can reach.

Yet when you connect with your heart and tune out the noise and instead into yourself, everything begins to flow. You have more energy, you feel good, you don't second guess yourself, you feel secure in your place in the world.

And that overflow creates massive opportunities for growth and possibility. It enables you to create more, follow your intuitive nudges, and learn more about how you tick without double-checking with every contact in your phone.

It is possible to receive messages and download information.

Could you imagine what would be possible for you if you just tuned in to what your heart was saying?

It would be a game-changer.

In the comments, share how your life would look like if you were to allow yourself to tune into your heart!

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