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Your higher self is always guiding you, the sacred pause, & slowing down

Idk about you, but I AM LOVIN MYSELF a little extra today💖 On this solo episode of Reconnection, I discuss my relationship with money, being forced to slow down, and the pause that is being felt around the world✨ Taking time for inward reflections like these are a critical part of moving forward during this time, and I can’t wait to for you to hear this episode. ⠀

I also talk about…⠀

  • Breaking cycles

  • Shifting the lack mindset into one of deservingness

  • Returning to yourself & how it relates to January’s message

  • Yogi Bhajan & inner power

  • Time of looking in

  • Internal work & now time to put it in practice

  • Serving yourself vs others

  • Purpose is not defined by one thing

  • Higher self is always guiding you

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I originally created this as a vegan food blog in 2018 and has since grown into a place of connection to not only our bodies but ourselves.

Here you will find tasty vegan recipes, personal growth tips, spiritual healing, and more!

xx Elizabeth 

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